Travel to a New World Without Buying a Plane Ticket

Book your virtual reality experience in Flint, Michigan

Did you ever aspire to be an astronaut or a racecar driver? Do you ever fantasize about killing zombies or operating as a Jedi assassin? Your dreams can become a reality-a virtual reality, that is.

The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade delivers sensory gaming experiences to gamers of all ages. Whether you're treating your kids or you're ready to feel like a kid again yourself, our virtual reality arcade in Flint, Michigan can make it happen.

Experience it for yourself

Have you heard about virtual reality gaming but haven't yet put on a headset? It's time to dive in. Visit The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade right now and transport yourself to new places, both historical and fantastical. Here's why you should visit our sandbox arcade:

1. Rent by time, not by the game. We couldn't call ourselves a "sandbox" arcade if we limited you to only one game! Choose from 40+ games after you don the headset. If you're not feeling it for one game, simply choose another and dive right in.

2. Choose your own experience. Companies are releasing new and exciting VR games every month. Whether you want to explore the top of Mount Everest or blaze away at rampaging zombies, you can choose your VR experience at The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade.

3. Experience the Super Box. Want a completely immersive VR experience? Jump into the Super Box. At the Super Box, you'll be isolated from the crowd outside in your own private room. All that's left is you and the game, making for a fully immersive VR experience.

Party rooms are available for larger events and groups. Games are updated monthly. It's time to get your game on. Visit The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade to learn more about pricing, available times and other options.