My first experience with VR was amazing. There's no way to communicate how awesome and REAL it seems. The only way to truly grasp it is to give it a shot. The staff was helpful and it wasn't intimidating at all for me as a first-time guest. I would highly recommend (I have four children ranging from 6 years to 15 years old and they all found something they loved to play)!

James Noe

It was so much fun to see what a coward I am. The virtual reality is very REAL. I could not even get off the elevator and walk the plank even though I watched others do it. I was on solid ground however it was so real feeling. The city sounds and helicopter flying above were so real sounding. I would try again later. I would recommend this fun place.

Marcia K. Skinner

I had a great time! Great place to bring your family or just stop in on your lunch break from work. A word to parents that want to bring their kids into VR arcades: Please make sure your children are responsible enough to respect the equipment. This isn't like the stand up arcades like we had as kids where you could beat the crap out of buttons. The equipment here is very sensitive and delicate. This was probably the most fun I've ever had at an arcade. That includes childhood

David DeHondt

The employees were helpful and the total experience was mind blowing. The games are family friendly and anyone at any age can participate in the fun. The Sandbox brings that old feeling of going to the arcade again. I will be going back very soon.

Edmund Curlin Jr

This was awesome! No matter how much you know you are not really on a plank on the top of a skyscraper, you still have to force yourself to step off! All of the different things you can experience makes it we'll worth the price.

Bill Parker

I had an awesome time at The Sandbox VRA! They have a great assortment of VR games to play. They have a great group of people working there. I was treated well by the staff and they were knowledgeable about the games and equipment. If you have an interest in VR gaming, do yourself a favor and stop in!

Eric Shutes

I had such a good time! Very nice place. The snacks are great and the VR was WAY beyond anything I imagined. Someone has said "best in Michigan". I don't have experience to compare it to, but based on the games I chose, I believe it! We are booking our son's bday party there!

Kandis Tanner Noe

The sand box is extremely entertaining and is very useful part of your time. Def recommend this evening of entertainment to anyone.

Sara Henson

Very realistic, I did under the sea. Wow I had a huge whale right by me!

Paula Gray

This was my first VR experience, and it was AMAZING! I attempted the plank, but could not even walk off the elevator, LOL I failed miserably (apparently I am a huge baby haha)....but my foray into Fruit Ninja was a blast! VERY reasonably priced...and such fun for the whole family! Will definitely be back!!

Jodi McGhee Thomas